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    So it's coming. After a year of rabid speculation, and will they won't they arguments.

    We at VWROC HQ are pretty stunned actually. Only one of us in the office truly believed this car would be released, and these spy shots indicate that VW are intent on bringing this beast to the masses.

    So rather than rehash what's been said a million times, lets study the spy shots and see what's behind those thinly veiled, standard R clothes.

    Well for starters the rear spoiler is probably the most noticeable feature. VW must reckon it makes more than a cosmetic impact or else they wouldn't have put it on a disguised mule car.

    The new inter-cooler is clearly visible through the lower vents of the front spoiler.

    The wheel arches are not standard Golf R either. they have lost the standard flat edges and have been pulled out to accommodate what we can only assume is a wider track for those massive wheels.

    The new R400 is significantly lower than the standard R.

    Enough talking from us, lets hear what you have to say on the matter.







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