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Focus RS vs A45 vs type R on top gear tonight

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Looks like the track is wet - that should be interesting for the Type-R.

I reckon Clarkson would have been all over the Ford. Wonder which Evans (presumably) will pick?

I think this episode is the controversial one with the race car going past the cenotaph - turns out they were just doing a tour of London. I wonder if the episode will give it context.


Nardo Grey RS3 8V 

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I thought it was a very good episode. Harris was brilliant. The lad reviewing the Ford RS was very good too. And Sabine was epic as always. Perhaps they should have been the presenters...? O.o

That said, Le Blanc tour of London for unreal. I want that Mustang 'Hoonicorn'!  




Nardo Grey RS3 8V 

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