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So having had a small prang in the RS3 last week I've mostly been driving around in a baby blue M4. Not bad as a loaner! 

I'm sure @billyali86 will be interested in my findings so far:

1st gear in M1 mode is brutal. It's basically dangerous and effectively useless unless you have a lot of road and some meaty sized nuts! You need to give it full throttle other it doesn't have a clue what to do. I've found myself short shifting to avoid kangarooing down the road.

The interior - well, it's not what you'd expect from a £60k car. It's nice, but it's not £60k nice. The seats are rough for those with any kind of back issue as I have.

The gearbox is a peach IMO. Love the paddles. No delay in shifting. Like it.

The engine is pretty cool. I prefer the characteristics of the 2.5L 5cyl (and the noise!) in my RS3, but the twin blower 3L straight six isn't too shabby. It is unbelievably responsive in almost any gear. Again, I like it.

The ride quality is very good. As is the handling. Very precise. The backend does like to fishtail and progress is often restricted by ESP unless you have the nuts to turn off traction control. I don't in a loan car! It's fun. But I suspect it's a novelty that would wear off.

All in all, I'm enjoying it. It's a great motor. But it's like a holiday. I'm already wondering when I'm getting back home and back in to the RS. 

Nardo Grey RS3 8V 

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Ok, so yesterday I hit the M2 button on the steering wheel (love that function btw - saves having to cycle through various modes) and the car really came to life. On a totally dry road with warm tyres I gave it about 70% throttle in 2nd and sweet baby Jesus, the backend was all over the place. Great fun, although progress is hampered by spinning wheels and trying to wrestle the wheel. Even spun the tyres in 3rd. 

Getting to grips with it now. Love the handling. 

Nardo Grey RS3 8V 

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