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Considering putting my Golf R on rolling road, to see what power it is making. Does the rolling road have to be suitable for 4WD or considering (I think) that the R only uses 4WD when it thinks it needs to, will a 2WD rolling road do the job?

Any recommendations in Leeds area?

Thanks in advance, Mick

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You can put an AWD car in FWD mode so it can be run on any dyno. You can do that by taking out the Haldex unit or the fuse IIRC. There's also a trick method of putting the car in FWD mode, but I can't recall for the life of me the procedure.

An AWD dyno will give you a more accurate reading, in theory.

Just make sure you take it somewhere that understands your car. 

If you want a harsh, but accurate reading, then Statller is good in Sheffield. Not sure about anyone around Leeds. Dynos should be taken with a pinch of salt though. There are so many that give high readings.

Nardo Grey RS3 8V 

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