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  1. 3 points
    Picked It up last week so a new car and a new forum to join sounds like the perfect match eh!
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    I was parked up near Telford working in my car (as you do..) and I heard this RS3 arrive. Obviously tuned, with huge tailpipes (possibly Miltek?) and a noise like thunder. Fabulous!
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    Is there any sort of shim on the back of the pads Gaz, that would be the next step after copaslip. A fella, 45bvtc, on a model specific website, swore by EBC Red Stuff pads........ I think the front caliper on yours is very similiar to the RS5 front pads but am still researching this!!! As for mine, the website says its on route , but I hope I don't have brake problems.......
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    @Cupra @almac @Belfast col @invisiblekid The spotted section is now live! Please include the model of uberhatch you have spotted in the thread title
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    It was definitely much rarer too. But ultimately it was slower. Hope @almac takes up the challenge against Andrew from VWROC. I reckon Andrew's car will be GIAC Stage 3+ with clutch packs and most likely a partially or fully built engine (Stage 4?).
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    Ditto 6R more of a head turner than the 7
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    The Cupra certainly qualifies as a Uberhatch. The Ring lap it set sees to that! The board is now live.
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    We're working on it guys. It'll be along shortly. As with the Classifieds section, the consideration is per make/model or one section for the whole site.