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  1. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    Road testers always seem to use the Golf 7R as the benchmark for a good all round uberhatch so: Golf 7R 1 - RS3 0 BTW, what's a powder-puff?
  2. Welcome VWROC folk!!

    Colin has a large ring of confidence Allegedly
  3. Article :: The History of 'UberHatches' in ten cars

    Ah yes but the Aston was only ever marketed as a Coupe. Wiki might call it a hatchback but as far as I can remember the word 'hatchback' was never used until the Golf came out in the '70s. Even the BMW 2002 example I gave above was called 'Touring' which of course BMW kept for all its 'estate' car versions Can anyone add further to this?
  4. Very loud RS3!

    I was parked up near Telford working in my car (as you do..) and I heard this RS3 arrive. Obviously tuned, with huge tailpipes (possibly Miltek?) and a noise like thunder. Fabulous!
  5. Article :: The History of 'UberHatches' in ten cars

    OK. what about this Citroen Traction Avant, introduced in 1938? They were 'warmed up' and rallied in the '40s after the war
  6. Article :: The History of 'UberHatches' in ten cars

    Good shout Danno. I actually owned a DB2/4 Mk2 in the late 70's! Technically though I'm not sure whether it can be described as a hatch if you use the definition of hatchback as a car having 3 or 5 doors. In its day the Aston was described as a coupe with a rear opening window (as indeed were cars such as The AC Aceca, Jag E Type etc) rather than a door. Discuss...
  7. Article :: The History of 'UberHatches' in ten cars

    What about the 1971 BMW 1802 Touring? That was a performance hatch and it preceded the Simca by two years!