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  1. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    I used to see an orange RS regularly on my daily commute, wonder if it had been wrapped?
  2. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    Mk2 for me also, especially in orange. Have a big soft spot for them and still drool a little whenever I see one.
  3. Serial modded returns........

    Looks very nice. Look forward to seeing how this shapes up.
  4. Welcome VWROC folk!!

    And by all accounts...a sizeable hammer. He's busy making tea, hopefully stirring it with a spoon!
  5. Welcome VWROC folk!!

    That's total confidence for you.
  6. Forum Newbie

    Welcome @Stealthmode
  7. Deep Black Pearl - wash and wax

    Bit dirty this morning…. And then, finally a break in the bizarre weather and a chance to give it a clean and a coat of wax. Full wash and wax: Wheels and tailpipes sprayed with Bilberry Wheel Cleaner ValetPro Advanced Neutral Snow Foam and lance using DI water DI water pressure rinse Wheels washed with DJ Supernatural Shampoo, WoWo Wheel Mitt and Wheel Woollies 2 bucket wash (DI water) with Swissvax Car Bath Shampoo and WoWo Lambswool Wash Mitt DI water pressure wash rinse DI water open ended hose rinse Bodywork dried with WoWo Drying Towel Wheels dried with WoWo Wheel Towel Entire car (except glass and wheels) waxed with one coat of Swissvax Crystal Rock high carnauba content wax – applied with DJ finger wax applicator and buffed on with WoWo microfibers Tailpipes polished with Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish Tyres dressed with one coat of Achem Hi Shine Longlife Tyre Dressing Glass protected with Gtechniq C2v3 All clean now…. Finally…. Deep Black Pearl Flake with Swissvax Crystal Rock
  8. Yeah that sounds about right, if you are going to stretch a lance bottle mix to two foams. I use the same snow foam but tend to use up the whole lance mixture in one session by giving it a double foaming if any left after the first coating. ValetPro PH Advanced Neutral is a brilliant snow foam, arguably the best out there, I buy it in 5ltr bottles which last ages.
  9. Nice one! That looks a good consistency after 5 mins dwelling. Thick enough to cling on for a few mins but not so thick that it just sits on the car not running off (taking the grime with it) Which snow foam is it?
  10. It is always a worry. But the suspense is over and all is ok and order restored. Collected it yesterday morning and the bodyshop has done a really top notch job, no overspray and no difference in colour between panels - pretty much perfect repair and respray. I have used them on my previous Golf so knew they offered a very high standard of work and they haven't disappointed this time. The door dent and chip courtesy of someone in a supermarket car park, who opened their door onto mine as I was sitting in the car, and the bumper the result of some unknown person scraping my bumper whilst it was parked up in the works car park. Here's how it was and the results. Door before: Door after: Bumper before: Bumper after: I gave it a ver quick wash today just to clear the bodyshop dust off it, but will leave the newly painted panels untouched for at least 2 weeks to allow the paint to cure before adding any protection.
  11. Not today - a few days ago but.... Gave it a half hour speed wash - snow foam, 2BW and dry only - in readiness for a trip to the bodyshop. Currently in bodyshop having the rear door and corner of bumper repaired and resprayed thanks to someone opening their door onto mine leaving a dent and chip on the door crease, and then someone in work's car park scraping the rear bumper down to the primer. [/url] So currently driving a 1.0L Skoda Fabia......... Get mine back tomorrow, and not a moment too soon!
  12. Bryan, where are you storing it? I store my waxes (and most of my detailing stuff) in the house so it's always roughly at room temperature. Helps a lot. Trying to coax rock hard, hard wax out of a pot is not fun! Auto Finesse do brilliant foam wax applicators which fits DoDo Juice wax pots perfectly, making it a breeze to apply. Been using these for a few years, in fact they are still going strong after 3 years use. Highly recommend. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/accessories/autofinesse-wax-mate-applicator/prod_1082.html Bec
  13. Cheers BAH434X. Looks like it's up to you and me to keep the detail g love going.
  14. You know the drill Col...... Pics or it ain't true!