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  1. A45 vs RS3 Drag Race

    I was surprised at the weight difference (shown at the end of the video) if those are correct. I reckon the Merc needs to go on a diet
  2. At the current time (May 2016) there are discounts of nearly 20% easily achievable on a new Golf R (normal DtD discounts + dealer contributions of £2000 to PCP). The base spec is pretty good compared to Audi, Merc and BMW's with LED lights, ACC, tints, parking sensors, rain & light sensors etc. VW have now announced that MY17 will also get basic Sat Nav and Winter Pack included as OEM. The only thing really missing for some is probably Leather. For me I reckon the Mk 7 R could be one of the best value hot hatches to own this decade so far. Its a better car than the MK 6 IMHO and now a fair bit cheaper too with all the discounts. It may not be the most exciting car to drive on a track but if you add up the all round plus points and performance and divide by the costs it seems to come out near the top for me at around £30,000. What do others consider to be their best value hot hatch of the decade and why ?
  3. Top Gear New Trailer

    Not a criticism, but It looks like an almost identical format to the old Top Gear in that trailer. I look forward to Sunday with interest
  4. RS3 Sedan/Saloon

    Good to see its getting closer ... maybe 2017 ? There is a video here which I found through the link : http://backfires.caranddriver.com/videos/478 Interesting that he says there will be 7 new RS models from now to 2019
  5. A45 vs RS3 Drag Race

    The EVO article is about the new TT RS ... there's just a couple of lines about the RS3 getting the same engine. Unfortunately they don't get to drive the new TT RS either !
  6. A45 vs RS3 Drag Race

    According to EVO mag (landed through my post box today) the RS3 will soon be getting the new lighter and more powerful 5-pot as in the new TTRS. Figures & Facts quoted in EVO for the new engine are :- 394bhp 354lb ft (1700-5850 rpm) new Aluminium block (18.8 kg lighter) plus overall 26kg lighter engine with new lighter crankshaft, belt disks, magnesium sump, flywheel.
  7. As you know I'm more of a sealant man these days but the pics of your car are fantastic ..... and tempting me to try a wax again on my red R I still have some Collinite Marque D'Elegance and Pinnacle Souveran Paste wax left over from 2006/7/8 ... I presume wax doesn't go off over time ?
  8. Very nice Becs ! ... I might have known you'd be one of the first on the detailing forum
  9. S3 Fastback or Saloon...Hmmmmm

    The saloon looks great ... I'm hoping they bring out the RS3 saloon too, as talked about by Audi a while ago. Is this a company car Col ? or private purchase ?
  10. The ultimate classic uberhatch

    Lancia Delta Integrale would be close to the top of my list I could'nt afford one at the time so made do with an Alfasud Ti which even to this day was one of the best handling cars I've ever driven. IIRC it had inboard front discs.
  11. At least Ford have given it AWD now ... but It would need a DSG box or similar for me to consider it.
  12. Another Golf MK 7 R Owner

    I've been on the VWROC (formerly R Forum) for around 6 years and heard this forum was coming ! I can see a lot of familiar users on here so a lot will know me already from my username :-) For those that don't my current drive is a Red Mk 7 R. Prior to that I had an RS3 for 2.5 years, a Mk 6 Golf R for 2.5 years and a Mk 5 R32 for 2 years.