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  1. My Stage 3 Golf 6R

    Looks great. Loved my 6R, wish I'd never sold it. I've never modified before - lack of knowledge/fear of warranty issues, but love the idea of stealthy, seemingly ordinary, supercar baiting hatchbacks!
  2. new A45 owner

    The only adjustable suspension I have involves eating more pies so my arse has more padding
  3. new A45 owner

    I don't have that either
  4. new A45 owner

    Looks like a great spec you've got there👍
  5. What music are #uberhatch owners into?

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  6. A45 vs RS3 Drag Race

    Well I'm glad my humiliation tickles you
  7. A45 vs RS3 Drag Race

    Obviously a Japanese spec A45 limited to 100bhp🤓
  8. A45 AMG

    Haven't heard of that. I'm assuming it works with the pre facelift model?? Will give it a try tomorrow.
  9. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    Like it. You pleased with the result?
  10. A45 AMG

    Yeah the throttle delay at start isn't great, but like you said you learn to adapt to it. I find it worse in comfort, slightly better in sport and manual. Performance exhaust is lovely, sounds great on change ups at full chat, and a lovely burble on down changes😊
  11. Newbie

    Yes, it's an expensive ornament
  12. The Grand Tour

    Ha ha. Drift mode!
  13. Newbie

    Well, the demo they gave me for a couple of hours only had 400 miles on the clock certainly wasn't kept below 4000rpm, and they didn't ask me to! I'm a firm believer in letting the engine warm up gently, then it's all good.
  14. Newbie

    Yeah. Loads of golf R, only ever seen one other A45 in the area. Not that I'm out in mine much, spends most of its life tucked up in the garage! Only done 4500 miles in 15 months! Criminal.
  15. Newbie

    I'm the other side of the A19 in Stockton😊