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  1. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    Where did you get the black badge set? Would look better on my white one than the chrome rubbish
  2. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    Dream on mate lol. How long now?
  3. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    that looks bloody smart mate. well done.. Red and black go so well together.
  4. First Launch

    hope the advise from me the other day about stamping the throttle helped? I had to google it after many failed attempts.
  5. First Launch

    looks like you have just found a good enough reason now
  6. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    just put a post up on the aclass forum about these and look what someone posted http://www.aclassclub.co.uk/forum/topic8521_post81890.html#81890
  7. TF for that

    No. Cancelled out if you do tried about a dozen times slowly. S or S+, traction in race or off completely, auto gears and have read steering wheel somewhere handy to facing straight. After you have pulled in both paddles and confirmed with right one is says "apply throttle" i think. Very important to stamp down in throttle or else wont work. That is where i was going wrong. And obviously keeping brake firmly pressed.
  8. BAH434X A45 AMG FL Project

    just ordered one of these. nice find mate. bargain at £23
  9. A45 Production line and engine Dyno

    what a fantastic watch. incredible robots all working in perfect harmony.
  10. Top Gear New Trailer

    trouble is my Sky bill is already £137 so will just probably download each episode from the Mirc channels
  11. TF for that

    did first launch today. Kept saying race start cancelled on the screen after asking me to apply throttle. after some googling it turns out if you don't stamp down on the gas hard it doesn't like it and aborts race start. got the hang of it now though
  12. Top Gear New Trailer

    I demand a refund on my TV licence, that was terrible
  13. TF for that

    Took a trip to Belgium last weekend and a 200 mile round trip to the coast today to do it in 17 days. Fun now begins.