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  1. Forum Newbie

    Yea, hoping that'll be the case!
  2. S3 Fastback or Saloon...Hmmmmm

    Love it! Plus I couldn't see sepang blue across the board for the new S3 - dropped to be replaced or..?
  3. Cool Photo Thread

    Own photo, but certainly my pick of the bunch when it comes down to hypercars
  4. S3 Fastback or Saloon...Hmmmmm

    The S3 Sportback DSG starts at 35,985 OTR. The iPad app is already updated but very buggy, excluding the saloon though.
  5. New S3 Saloon Owner

    Welcome to the forum, Mark. Motor sounds like a cracker!
  6. RS3 Facelift Watch

    Yes it will, the development is all done from TT RS! Wouldn't surprise me if the current RS3 is pushing out closer to late 380-90
  7. Hi, Leon Cupra owner

    Thank you, I doubt it as I've heard a lot of horror stories of the tuning boxes making the engine run rich and lumpy the other reason is that I also run a M5 F10; Cupra is the easier car on the limit because of its more usable power! Both great machines in their own right Aha cheers buddy, I saw you owned one! I always considered the Mk2, although I despised the interior! Besides the Mk3 isn't a breath of fresh air neither.
  8. Latest S3 Saloon news 0 - 60 4.6 seconds!!

    Not sure if the article is wrong but I remember all over the press and on Audi that the new S3 will come standard with LED headlight and they'd no longer be an option
  9. Hey Hey!

    Well in general ZF's are smoother than dual clutches
  10. Yes, that'll be great
  11. Unless I'm just an idiot an couldn't find it, it seems a lot of forums also have a Facebook page which brings a lot of new faces! just a suggestion
  12. Hey Hey!

    Hi there, can't believe the new 1 series will carry 500 nm of torque, madness!!!
  13. Hi, Leon Cupra owner

    Hi there, I haven't other than a tyre change to Sport Cup 2 tyres as the bridgestones well, they were basically crap aha Definitely! It is one quick little car, they must be Spanish 280 horses
  14. No Cupra 280/290?

    Ah that's brilliant, cheers buddy!