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  1. Forum Newbie

    Welcome aboard. If you know any drivers of lesser machines point them in this direction.

    I thought we didn't discuss your childhood, too many painful memories? Or is that just your recent friendship with R soul?
  3. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    @Boband @R Soulsitting in a tree, discussing the merits of an UP! Erm.....I think we should leave it at that
  4. Lost 90 minutes of your time!

    Is there another type of certificate?
  5. Just watched the recent release of ghostbusters, the only positive was a mr hemsworth. Well off off to watch fast n loud now to make it better any of you guys wasted your time watching a crap film?
  6. RS3 Facelift Watch

    That's why he was so slow!
  7. Serial modded returns........

    That would suggest he hasn't already. I thought the legend that is @Hurdy/@Hurdy1 Once he steps in to a car it's mapped?
  8. RS3 Facelift Watch

    Sounds like the new F1 cars
  9. Invisiblekid's RS3 Project

    This thread needs updating
  10. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    The first and most likely only comment I'll downgrade!
  11. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    What would we call that board? The notsouberhatchsmallcarwhichhasbeenmodifiedbyamanfightingthefactheshouldberetiredbynow board?
  12. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    Mk2 for me every day in garish green. Fwd engineering masterpiece
  13. Australian qualifying F1

    Though the new pips ruin qualifying, you know who's going fastest before they finish the lap. Hamilton was admiring the red bull at the end of qualifying, and Vettel snooping around a few of the cars
  14. Australian qualifying F1

    We could have a competitive race! Please
  15. Australian qualifying F1

    So without giving any spoilers for all you lucky people still asleep (joys of children), the new regulation F1 cars are faster than last year.