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  1. BMW M Automobiles 1972 - 2012

    Thanks for that. I remember seeing one in a dealership in Holland Park Avenue when i was a kid.
  2. BMW M Automobiles 1972 - 2012

    Haha. Prior to the diet! I'm undeniably thinner now...
  3. That's a beaut Bec. I tend to rate AG High def wax. I build up the layers over the summer and it's pretty long lasting. I have to say though that on my Oryx White car waxes are a little bit lost, especially after 1 day in normal UK weather. Maybe you could recommend an alternative for my colour?
  4. Yeah I saw those Citroens, but didn't think they were Uberhatches really. They'd be lucky to pull a greased stick out of a pigs arse! The Aston is described on Wikipedia as being available as a 2+2 hatchback, marketed as a Saloon, as a Drophead Coupé (DHC) and as a 2-seat Fixed Head Coupe
  5. Article :: Hotter Ford Focus ST spotted

    What's wrong with me...I really want a fast Ford again
  6. 440 Bhp Leon Cupra R mk2 2.0 Tfsi owner

    Love the vid Almac. Good to see you destroying a Ferrari 😂
  7. 440 Bhp Leon Cupra R mk2 2.0 Tfsi owner

    Bloody hell. Over 437 BHP in a Cupra!! I bet you that's a proper handful. How do you find getting the power down? Welcome by the way. Good to have you on board
  8. Hi, Mk7 R owner

    It's the Mercs, Fords and BMW boys I'm scared of.
  9. RS3 8V Owner

    8v? My mk2 Gti had more valves than that. And it had metallic paint!
  10. Hi, Mk7 R owner

    Hello Bec. Thought I recognised the name from VWROC. Good to have another Golf R owner on here. Strength in numbers...
  11. What about the 1953 Aston DB2/4??
  12. Where is the Williams Clio, or that mental 3.0 v6 one?
  13. Eh hem.... What about this rather than the Golf GTi?
  14. Just look at that colour.... Epic
  15. Which uberhatch reigns supreme?

    Sorry. I voted AMG45. It is probably the best one TBH. There are quite a few missing off that list. Where are all the classic uberhatches? And where is the Ferrari FF? No reference to that in this site anywhere. Come on admin, that has to be the ultimate uberhatch