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    I adore the Lancia! Such a cool car. It's right up there with the original Quattro for me.
  2. All, I'm sure you've discovered for yourselves, but VWROC is now back online following the recent upgrades. Remember, uberhatch members can login to VWROC with their UH credentials.

    You can put an AWD car in FWD mode so it can be run on any dyno. You can do that by taking out the Haldex unit or the fuse IIRC. There's also a trick method of putting the car in FWD mode, but I can't recall for the life of me the procedure. An AWD dyno will give you a more accurate reading, in theory. Just make sure you take it somewhere that understands your car. If you want a harsh, but accurate reading, then Statller is good in Sheffield. Not sure about anyone around Leeds. Dynos should be taken with a pinch of salt though. There are so many that give high readings.
  4. Forum Newbie

    Odd. Did you have to sign up here then? Most guys seem to be able to login fine now. We had a few issues early on yesterday.
  5. Forum Newbie

    The UH concept is a great one. It was thought up way before I was involved - back in the R Forum days. As a member that moved on from R ownership it's something I'm thankful for. The Audi owners clubs can be hard work as a couple of members here can probably testify. Many niche forums end up quite cliquey - thankfully VWROC doesn't seem to be that way because the ownership of Golf Rs seems quite broad and spans many classes.
  6. Forum Newbie

    Nice to see you here buddy. Not long to go now till VWROC is ready to go
  7. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    That's a long time to have a car! Was it tuned at all?
  8. Serial modded returns........

    Love it John! I'm ashamed to say it took me a year to map the RS
  9. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    Don't encourage him!! It should have been a Macan sitting on his drive
  10. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    Hmm, now does an estate class as a hatchback... one for the Dude, where's my car forum I think! And sadly in this instance we're comparing cars as stock - even though both cars are weapons when fettled. Especially the RS3 with its manly gearbox that doesn't poo its pants when a bit of torque is thrown at it
  11. RS3 Facelift Watch

    I definitely saw Lewis playing with CarPlay on his flying lap in quali!
  12. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    Steady on Stu, it's still a Ford
  13. Which is your favorite Focus RS

  14. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    Completely agree Viv. If only the MK2 had AWD!
  15. Invisiblekid's RS3 Project

    I gave it some beans daily, but I just didn't have the desire anymore - loads going off personally caused it I guess. I'm back in the saddle now though. The rasp and crack on shifts from the decats is just nuts