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  1. manly estate R

    'Old chap' Respect! Presumably estates such as Audi S 0r RS Avants and BMW M Tourings are allowed here then?
  2. Focus RS with a cool wrap

    That looks very much better than any other colour I've seen. Like it!
  3. 5 VAG cars in the top 10: Ford Focus RS Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S Volkswagen Golf R Ford Fiesta ST200 SEAT Leon Cupra 300 Audi RS3 Mercedes-AMG A 45 Audi S1 Peugeot 308 GTI BMW M140i Full article here: http://www.evo.co.uk/features/17391/best-hot-hatchbacks-2017 Anyone want to dispute the placings?

    Sadly Integralis, together with some nice Alfas such as the GTV6, were only properly cool when they were running
  5. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    My kinda guy Bob

    This is just a bit controversial! Yes, some of them are fine cars but.. Classic and Performance Car - Ten Extreme Hot Hatches Discuss!
  7. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    Mk2 for me but that's just on styling. Can't deny the latest Mk3 is one helluver car though. If I was planning to go on track days I'd find it hard to resist getting one
  8. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    I didn't. But now you come to mention it... It's a proper uberhatch. Turbocharged 1.0 litre 3cyl 90ps but only 1000 kilos. Easily as fast as your horrible Audi. Across country In the dry It should reall have its own bourd on this forum
  9. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    You're comparing your 2017 S3 with an old Golf 6R? What 'thinking man' would do that??? The 2017 Golf 7R now has the same power And remains better Anyway this is about the 7R vs RS3. Get back in yer hole
  10. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    Just admit you're outnumbered because you've got an inferior car
  11. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    My 7R stage 2 ABT + a few other little tweaks (c400bhp) certainly would