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  1. Focus RS with a cool wrap

    It was very cool and I agree on the colour!!

    It's not that recent....its more long term damage...
  3. manly estate R

    UberEstates....now there's an idea!! Saw an old chap earlier in a debadged RS6 Avant.....awesome machine

    Truth be told I love them all in that article. Brings me back to my childhood!!!....
  5. Cols launch control

    Morning Bob. I'm not sure on the ratios of the new box. As for the limit...yes that's it set at 95....errrr for German Autobahns!!
  6. Which is your favorite Focus RS

    MK2 gets my vote!! Beautiful and the most aggressive looking.
  7. Cols launch control

    Short and sweet
  8. Australian qualifying F1

    I got up early to watch on my iPad as @Stubsy gave me log in details for his Sky go. They've reset and now I'm up listening to Radio 5....sigh
  9. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    You'll have to speak up @Stubsy
  10. No Cupra 280/290?

    Oh o do love a cupra. Let's see if Hurry can get 500hp out of it!!
  11. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    Just don't mention the VW UP EXCLAMATION MARK
  12. VWROC - Login will work from Saturday morning

    Let's have a little test of this image hosting then with what I like to call 'Col's car park art'
  13. The powder-puff 7R vs the RS3 barge thread!

    I think to save all these arguments the thinking man would own a 2017 Audi S3. Audi build quality, more power than a 6R and lighter than a RS3. Case closed your honour!!
  14. VWROC - Login will work from Saturday morning

    Good man. Glad it worked!!